Puerto Rico Softball

Puerto Rico women’s national softball team is the national team for Puerto Rico. The team competed at the 1986 ISF Women’s World Championship in Auckland, New Zealand where they finished fifth.[1] The team competed at the 1990 ISF Women’s World Championship in Normal, Illinois where they finished with 5 wins and 4 losses.[2] The team competed at the 1994 ISF Women’s World Championship in St. John’s, Newfoundland where they finished ninth.[3] The team competed at the 2002 ISF Women’s World Championship in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where they finished eighth.[4][5]

(Clearwater, FL) – In a historic match, Puerto Rico defeats Canada 6-5 to secure the bronze medal for the second consecutive World Cup, and to fight for the qualification to the coronation ball of the U19 World Championship.

The Puerto Ricans, who entered as the Cinderella in the “final four” of the World Cup, had an impeccable demonstration by left-hander Allison Marcano and Alexina Mora, in their first rubber victory, who knew how to handle the dangerous Canadian offense.

Canada took the command 2-0 in the same first inning with Grace Messmer’s triple and singles by Rebecca Jones and Rebecca Monaghan. The Puerto Ricans riposted quickly with Ariella Jackson’s square mile, with Geana Torres in circulation, for the draw at two.

In the closing of the second episode, PUR opened with indisputable of Odalys Córdova and Francesca Torraca to begin the threat. Then, two consecutive mistakes by the Americans gave way to the third Puerto Rican score. Then, with two outs and full traffic, the ailoniteña Janiliz Rivera extended her bat to connect deep double that cleaned the bases and expanded the lead 6-2.

The Canadian ninth added two points in the fourth and one in the fifth inning but it was not enough to stop the inspiration of the Puerto Ricans who secured their second consecutive medal in the World Cup event.

Mora took the win in relief by supporting four hits, one run and three bases per ball in three and two thirds of innings. Brianna Aguilar charged the defeat in 1.2 chapters worked.

“With little we have achieved more. Thanks to the skill of the players and the performance of each of them, today we are enjoying at least one bronze medal in the most important tournament in the world in this category. It is very difficult or almost impossible to achieve a group cohesion in ten days, but the talent was more than the difficulties. They have focused on playing softball at a high level regardless of the rival, “explained the President of the Softball Federation of Puerto Rico, Tommy Velázquez.